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Hosted by Humboldt-University Berlin and Adnan Menderes University Aydin
Phenology 2015 Conference, Kusadasi - Turkey
5-8 October, 2015
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Phenology 2015 - Humboldt-University Berlin and Adnan Menderes University Aydin - Kusadasi, 5-8 October 2015
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During the conference 26 posters were presented.
Poster downloads (will be completed soon):
Mustafa Çelik: Phenological data and cumulative GDD of some table grapes in Kirazlı village in Turkey
Iñaki Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri, Jean Marc Audergon, Patrick Bertuzzi, Christel Anger, Marc Bonhomme, Isabelle Chuine, Hendrik Davi, Sylvain Delzon, Eric Duchêne, Jean Michel Legave, Hélène Raynal, Christian Pichot, Cornelis Van Leeuwen, Perpheclim Team
PERPHECLIM ACCAF Project - Perennial fruit crops and forest phenology evolution facing climatic changes
Åslog Dahl, Ola Langvall, Kjell Bolmgren
The Swedish National Phenology Network
Mijin Kim, Changbum Cho, Kyu Rang Kim, Mae Ja Han, Jae-Won Oh, Baek-Jo Kim
Patterns in airborne pollen in Korea
Ola Langvall, Kjell Bolmgren, Åslög Dahl
Swedish historical phenology data, a base for indication of regional climate change
Hilmi Kocataş, Engin Ertan
Determination of chilling periods of some fig (Ficus carica L.) cultivars
Hamed Mehdipoor, Raul Zurita-Milla
Checking for inconsistent volunteered phenological observations
Emma Izquierdo-Verdiguier, Raul Zurita-Milla, Toby R. Ault, Mark D. Schwartz
Using cloud computing to study trends and patterns in the Extended Spring Indices
Mustafa Sürmen, Emre Kara
Yield and quality features of field Pea (Pisum arvense L.) varieties which was harvested at different phenological stages
2 Climate variability, climate change and phenological trends
Ilona Blinova, Frank-M. Chmielewski
Climatic warming in the higher latitudes of Europe between 1951 and 2012 - the case of Murmansk Region
1 Phenological Observations, networks, data collection
Nathália M.W.B. Rocha, Daniel W. Carstensen, Irene Mendoza, G. Wilson Fernandes, Patricia Morellato
Floristic diversity and reproductive seasonal patterns in a tropical altitudinal gradient
Massetti Luciano, Di Stefano Valentina, Messeri Alessandro, Morabito Marco, Orlandini Simone
Foliar phenology as a sensitive indicator to climate change: a case study to investigate its applicability to the Mediterranean Area
Yakup Onur Koca, Osman Erekul
Changes of dry matter, biomass and relative growth rate with different phenological stages of corn under Mediterranean conditions
Oddvar Skre, Frans E. Wielgolaski
Northern treelines as bioclimatic indicators
Annette Menzel, Reinhard Menzel
Climate change impacts on wild boar in Bavaria mediated by abiotic and biotic phenological changes
Vanessa G. Staggemeier, Valesca Zipparro, Eliana Gressler, Everaldo Rodrigo de Castro, Patícia Morellato
Flowering and fruiting of Neotropical Myrtaceae
Xiaojing Wu, Raul Zurita-Milla, Menno-Jan Kraak
Mapping the main spatio-temporal patterns of spring onset over Europe
3 Match or mismatch in phenology
4 Remote sensing and phenology
Valerio Basso, Giorgio Boni, Francesco Silvestro, Fabio Delogu
Impacts of the EO-based representation of the vegetation dynamics on continuous basin scale hydrologic models
Elias Fernando Berra, Rachel Gaulton, Stuart Barr
Forest phenology monitoring with digital cameras onboard an unmanned aerial vehicle
Xuanlong Ma, Alfredo Huete
Interactions of seasonal sun angle and tropical savanna phenology observed and modelled using MODIS
Laura Stendardi, Stein Rune Karlsen, Bernt Johansen
Time-series of Landsat 8 data in mapping the onset of the growing season in Adventdalen valley, on the Arctic Archipelago Svalbard
5 Phenological modelling
Karsten Brandt
Forecasting the wild daffodil flowering for touristic purposes
Zeynel Dalkılıç, Gonca Günver-Dalkılıç, Mustafa Çelik
Endodormancy requirement for white female mulberry (Morus alba L.)
Karsten Brandt
Worldwide pollen forecast
6 Challenges, new approaches and progress in phenology
Greice C. Mariano, Leonor Patricia C. Morellato, Jurandy Almeida, Bruna Alberton, Maria Gabriela G. de Camargo, Ricardo da S. Torres
Storing phenological data: a proposal of database especially suited for tropical vegetation
Yanjun Du, Lingfeng Mao, Simon A. Queenborough, Robert P. Freckleton, Bin Chen, Keping Ma
Phylogenetic constraints and trait correlates of flowering phenology in the angiosperm flora of China
Lori M. Petrauski, Greg Good, Thomas Rodd, George Constantz, James T. Anderson
Using publicly sourced, archival data to create a baseline phenological database for the West Virginia University Natural History Museum